Get ready for the next social media trend…Bi-Weekly Bucket List (#BWBL). And the crowd goes wild (or so we hope)! This is the first of many Bi-Weekly Bucket List posts. Every other week we will be posting a new article about adventures, places, and events we want to cross off our bucket list. We encourage… Read More

I’m sure most of you are wondering, how can we afford to travel for a year at 25? No, we aren’t trust babies and sadly we didn’t win the Powerball. For a year of travel you have to make sacrifices, but they are all worth it. For one, we stopped renting our apartment in Hoboken,… Read More

For those of you who might now know, Cyrpus is a small country┬áin the heart of the Mediterranean sea. With a total population that’s an 1/8 that of New Jersey’s it’s no empire, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an adventure to be had. For those headed to Cyprus we’ve got the inside scoop of… Read More