I’m sure most of you are wondering, how can we afford to travel for a year at 25? No, we aren’t trust babies and sadly we didn’t win the Powerball.

For a year of travel you have to make sacrifices, but they are all worth it. For one, we stopped renting our apartment in Hoboken, NJ and moved in Nick’s parents basement. Luckily, his parents are not having us pay rent, (Thanks Deb and Jimi!), so we are now putting our used to be monthly rent into savings. Super quick side note, Nick’s basement was the quintessential party basement in high school, so living in that basement is pretty hilarious! I’m sure pretty there are still beer pong balls under the sofa.

One very difficult way we have been saving money is by not going out as often on the weekends, cooking dinners at home instead of going to our favorite restaurant or just not spending money foolishly.

To be honest we did slip up a lot! I mean saving money is hard. Especially when we’re 25 and our friends are party animals. How can we say no to Sunday Funday or going down the shore?!


“Cause down the shore everything’s alright” – Bruce Springsteen

But seriously, if you want to have the funds to travel you have to choose when you go out and when you don’t.

We also shopped around a lot when it came to buying our plane tickets. It takes time, but when we got our plane tickets for half the price we were originally going to pay it is way worth it!

To keep ourselves organized, we created an excel of what we need to save each month. That way we knew if we were off budget and what we needed to do to get back on track.

Now could we have saved a lot more? Yes, of course. But unfortunately with any big plans you’re always going to wish for more.

Besides it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we had to do a little street performing when we’re low on cash!