We have been Justine and Nick since senior year of high school (2007) and I guess you could say the rest is history.

As two native New Jerseyans, we obviously love all things New Jersey (the Shore, the Boss, the diners, etc.), but we are still eager to see what else the world has to offer.

We first started traveling together after graduating from the University of Delaware. Instead of jumping right into the rat race, we decided to backpack through Europe which instantly sparked our love of travel. After returning from our two month stint of living in hostels, carrying 50lb backpacks and always ordering the house wine, we entered the world of 9 to 5.  For the most part, we were following the typically “life plan”. Justine was working in NYC as an Account Executive for an OOH media company and Nick was working as an Account Executive at an advertising agency. However, in January 2015, we quit our jobs and started a one year round the word trip. We returned back from our trip with a new vigor for life and are continuing to use Talk Travel To Me to share our love of travel. We now do honeymoon planning and use our extensive knowledge of travel to plan dream trips for all those love birds out there.