Sail Rock, Thailand

We believe STYX, the popular band from the mid-70’s, can perfectly start this blog post for us. As one of their most popular song goes, “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with us … to Sail Rock! Okay so we changed that last part, but we recently went scuba diving at the best spot… Read More

Get your sunscreen, bathing suit, selfie stick and flip flops ready because we’re about to give you the lowdown on one of Thailand’s most incredible islands. It’s an absolute must visit while island hopping around and is easily our favorite island in all of Thailand! So let us introduce you to Koh Phangan… Koh Phangan… Read More

100 Degrees East

Off the east coast of Southern Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand, is the Angthong National Marine Park. Comprised of more than 40 islands, it’s an incredibly beautiful natural formation, and home to a plethora of marine life as well as some of the most amazing white sand beaches in the country. While visiting Koh… Read More

Krabi is a hotspot in Southern Thailand where a majority of people stay before visiting some of the 80 islands off the west coast, including the famous Phi Phi Islands. In fact, this is what we were planning to do until we realized that we were visiting western Thailand right in the middle of their rainy season. As they say,… Read More

After spending four great days in the busy city of Bangkok, we wanted to experience more of the local Thai culture but still have the benefits of city living… enter Chiang Mai. Being more than 700 years old, Chiang Mai is a modern city with an ancient feel. It is also one of the most… Read More