When you travel to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, you can be sure of one thing; you’re going to eat a Colosseum size amount of delicious food. You’ll think, “I just can’t eat anymore” but low and beyond, you’ll be up for the challenge when the next meal rolls around. To help you work off… Read More

When we first knew we were coming to Bali we weren’t expecting to be eating a large variety of foods and weren’t even sure of where to eat in Ubud. We thought we’d be stuck with fried rice all day every day for three months straight. Luckily for us, Ubud is a cultural hotspot and has… Read More

If you’re heading to Portland, Maine we’ve compiled our favorite things to do. Full disclosure this post is mainly filled with food and drinking activities… but when in Portland; eat, drink and be merry! 1. Craft Breweries: At first Google search, one might feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of craft breweries that call… Read More

The dreaded scenario: After a short visit to Hong Kong you’re planning to travel through China and realize, “Wait, I need a Chinese visa to actually travel through China?”. Put the dunce cap on and start to panic because you have only a few days to figure out how to get a Chinese visa. Luckily for… Read More