On the first stop of our round the world trip we went a little camera crazy and took tons of pictures. However, that means more for us to share with you! So sit back, relax and enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Fiji.… Read More

8 hours. That’s how long we drove in total to go see dolphins. Four there and four back. 8 whole hours driving down Fiji’s main highway, which at a certain point stops being a paved road. But was it worth it you may ask? You bet your ass it was! We both consider ourselves pretty big animal lovers, so… Read More

When people visit Fiji they most likely think of the incredible sunsets, beautiful beaches and perfect weather. While all of that is true, one of the main things we wanted to do while in Fiji was to experience the Fijian culture first hand. So obviously the best way to do this is to hop on… Read More

Who said you can’t get clean by getting a little dirty?? As some of you may have read on our Fiji Bucket list, one of the top things we wanted to do while in Fiji was take a dip in the Sabeto Mud Pools, and take a dip we did! The drive to the mud… Read More

Get ready for the next social media trend…Bi-Weekly Bucket List (#BWBL). And the crowd goes wild (or so we hope)! This is the first of many Bi-Weekly Bucket List posts. Every other week we will be posting a new article about adventures, places, and events we want to cross off our bucket list. We encourage… Read More