Get ready for the next social media trend…Bi-Weekly Bucket List (#BWBL). And the crowd goes wild (or so we hope)! This is the first of many Bi-Weekly Bucket List posts. Every other week we will be posting a new article about adventures, places, and events we want to cross off our bucket list. We encourage all our readers to join us in sharing things on your travel bucket list using the hashtag #BWBL.

The first stop on our RTW trip, and first country to cross off our bucket list, is… drum roll please… FIJI! Home to some of the most amazing views in the world, Fiji is also known for being the filming grounds of multiple Hollywood hits including Survivor and Castaway. We have a total of 7 days to do and see everything on our bucket list, so while we are spending the shortest amount of time in Fiji we plan on packing as much as we can into one week!

Travel Dates: January 22nd – January 28th

Garden of the Sleeping Giant and Mud Pools

Just a short ride from Nadi International Airport the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is an incredible garden filled with local Fijian flowers and orchards. Named for the shape of the surrounding ridge line that resembles a Giant sleeping on it’s back, this massive 50 acre garden is sure to wake you up. From there we plan on taking a short trip down the road to visit the Sabeto Hot Springs for a quick dip in the Mud Pools.

Fire Walking

Mud pools not hot enough for you? Legend has it that over 500 years ago an eel gave the men of Bequ Island the ability to walk on fire, a practice that is still carried out today in traditional warrior fashion. Following the Fire Walking we’re excited to join these men in a traditional Fijian Kava Ceremony, which is Fiji’s national drink known to numb the tongue.

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Unlike the manmade sand dunes at the Jersey Shore, these Fijian sand dunes have been forming over millions of years so we naturally plan on going sand boarding and explore Fiji’s extensive dune system.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

When most people think of Fiji they can picture clear blue waters with little colorful fish swimming all around coral, which is why it is easy to see why Fiji is called the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. With that image in our minds we plan on taking advantage of the clear waters to go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Relaxing on the Beaches

After traveling halfway around the world we’re going to need some good ole fashion R&R and there’s no better place to catch some z’s than the legendary beaches of Fiji. This one should be pretty easy to check off our bucket list.

Have you ever visited Fiji or plan to in the future? If so, let us know what was/is on your Fiji bucket list!