Sail Rock, Thailand

We believe STYX, the popular band from the mid-70’s, can perfectly start this blog post for us. As one of their most popular song goes, “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with us … to Sail Rock! Okay so we changed that last part, but we recently went scuba diving at the best spot… Read More

Cairns, Australia

To end our Aussie Road Trip we thought the Tropical North Queensland would be the perfect place to cross a few things off our bucket lists. By the time we had arrived in Cairns we had driven more than 3,000kms of Australia’s East Coast and were ready for some more adventures! We actually ended up staying… Read More

Get ready for the next social media trend…Bi-Weekly Bucket List (#BWBL). And the crowd goes wild (or so we hope)! This is the first of many Bi-Weekly Bucket List posts. Every other week we will be posting a new article about adventures, places, and events we want to cross off our bucket list. We encourage… Read More