Top 5 Things I’ll Miss Most While Traveling (Nick’s List)   As Justine mentioned in her Top 5 Things She’ll Miss Most While Traveling, although we are going to be having a great time all around the world we’re still gonna miss a few things from home.   1. Fantasy Football Yes, I started my top… Read More

Top 5 Things I’ll Miss Most While Traveling (Justine’s List) Typically our blog posts will be from both Nick and I, however since we are two different people with original thoughts (I know hard to believe) we have both compiled a list of the things we are going to miss most while traveling. I’ll be sharing… Read More

Get ready for the next social media trend…Bi-Weekly Bucket List (#BWBL). And the crowd goes wild (or so we hope)! This is the first of many Bi-Weekly Bucket List posts. Every other week we will be posting a new article about adventures, places, and events we want to cross off our bucket list. We encourage… Read More