Top 5 Things I’ll Miss Most While Traveling (Justine’s List)

Typically our blog posts will be from both Nick and I, however since we are two different people with original thoughts (I know hard to believe) we have both compiled a list of the things we are going to miss most while traveling. I’ll be sharing mine first and you can check back tomorrow to read Nick’s. Although we are going to be experiencing so many new things there is still no place like home so here is my top 5 things I’ll miss most in no particular order:

1. Summer down the Jersey Shore:

I’ve been going down the shore since I was a little kid and it is honestly one of the best places on earth. Even though I’ll be traveling around the world I’m still going to miss going down the shore. In fact, this past summer my group of friends and I rented a house in Manasquan, New Jersey, and quite frankly we killed it! I’ll miss $10 lobsters aka lobbies at Parker House, Miami Vices at Leggets, Bruce cover bands, connect four flip cup, seafood festivals, fourth of July, impromptu dance parties to Beyonce and pig roasts. I can’t complain that I’m going to be sitting on exotic beaches with clear blue water and perfectly white sand, but there is something to be said about a summer down the shore.

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2. Ken’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese with a hash brown on top:

For those of you that have not experienced the deliciousness of a bacon egg and cheese sandwich from Ken’s Deli, I’m truly sorry for you. Over the years, I’ve had my far share of BEC’s from Ken’s in Hillsdale, New Jersey. They are my go-to sandwich for hangovers, breakfast, snacks, and lunch. To be honest anytime is a good time for this breakfast sandwich. Now I’m sure some of you are thinking what is so special about a BEC from Ken’s. For starters, some people would call me a BEC connoisseur and in my expert opinion it’s the best I’ve ever had. The cheese, eggs and bacon blend so perfectly together and then you add a hash brown on top. It just doesn’t get any better! Secondly, it’s consistently good. In fact it gets better and better every bite. Nick and I sometimes order three just so we can both split the third! I can’t believe I’m going to go a whole year without a Ken’s BEC with a hash brown on top.

3. Family Gatherings:

Time to give a quick shout out to my wonderful family! First let me cover the all bases, Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Easter, Graduation and any other life event or holiday I’m going to miss while traveling for a year :)! While I’m traveling I request to be Skyped into all family gathering and expect all traditions to be upheld including but not limited to; Uncle Bobby’s Sangria on Mother’s Day, Grandma bringing kielbasa and cherry cheesecakes, Murphy being a human not a dog, cousin drinking games, my wonderful Greek side of the family, discussing how Sarah will one day attend the University of Delaware, Jason talking about FanDuel, Aunt Diane, Aunt Susan and my Mom enjoying the finer things in life like boxed wine, tequila shots in Ocean Beach Unit III, my Dad sleeping at any family event and Uncle Mike’s Irish accents. I’m sure you’re all wondering how my family survive during my leave of absence and the answer is lots of beer, wine, good food and a picture of my face taped to a broom so it’ as if I never left. Oh and just incase we forget to say grace at Thanksgiving let me do it now…..Grace!

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4. Snow:

How could anyone possibly miss the cold after what we went through on the East Coast last year?! But as crazy as it sounds I’m going to miss the cold weather and all that comes with it. Technically this will be the first year of my life that I won’t be experiencing a full winter. That means no snow! Personally I love it when it snows especially a big snow storm. Everything gets quiet and for the most part you can only hear branches breaking and a snow plow going down the street every now and again. We are leaving for our trip on January 19th, so I’ll be missing the brunt of the snowy weather. Someone build a snowman for me!

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5. Hoboken:

Hoboken, the birth place of baseball and Frank Sinatra…need I go on? Before moving back to our hometown, Nick and I were lucky enough to live in Hoboken, which is the spot to be if you’re in your mid-twenties looking to live it up! In fact, if you’re interested in getting the inside scoop about Hoboken check out my friends website, For those of you that don’t know, Hoboken has the most bars in a one-square mile radius in the country and is right outside New York City. I’m going to miss bar hopping from place to place, Sunday Fundays and all the amazing restaurants.