After spending two days exploring the Kowloon Peninsula we hopped in a cab and headed across the river to start exploring Hong Kong Island.

Although both are part of Hong Kong, they each have their own personalities and attractions. Here is a list of what we did on Hong Kong Island!

Top Attractions: Our Must See and Do

1. Explore SoHo: The area known as SoHo always has something going on. During the day, you can check out trendy boutique shops and at night head over to Lan Kwai Fong (known as LKF by the locals), SoHo’s most popular night life spots to grab a late night dinner or drink. This area of SoHo is pumping at night with people spilling into the streets, and be on the look out for a drunk Asian Elvis stumbling around. Wyndham Street, also located in SoHo, is another great spot to go for happy hour and is usually packed on the weekends.

If you need a break from drinking and partying in the streets of SoHo, go check out Mid-levels escalator, which is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! Even if you just go-up one or two stretches you can say you’ve been on the longest escalator… check it off the bucket list!

2. Hong Kong Park: Cost nearly $400,000,000 HKD (yes, that’s four HUNDRED MILLION Hong Kong Dollars which is over $50,000,000 USD) to build it’s definitely a park worth visiting. Located near the CBD, Hong Kong Park offers a relaxing oasis to get away from the busy city, while still being surrounded by skyscrapers. The park is home to fun fountains and plenty of spots to sit-back and relax. We’d suggest spending some time strolling through the park and getting lost.

Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

3. Victoria’s Peak: One of the most well known places to visit while in Hong Kong, Victoria’s Peak provides a birds eye view of the famous Hong Kong skyline. Unfortunately for us, it was raining the entire time we were in Hong Kong and we weren’t able to take in the beautiful views due the clouds. Fingers crossed the weather is better for you!

Price: The Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428 HKD $83 (Return)

4. Star Ferry: For another unique view of Hong Kong you can take the Star Ferry across the river from either the Kowloon or Hong Kong Island side. Definitely make your way to the second floor of the ferry to catch a breeze and take in the view.

Price: HKD $2.20

Star Ferry, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

5. Ride the Tram: Hong Kong boasts the worlds largest double-decker tram fleet in the world! It also makes for a very convenient and fun way to get around. There are stops about every 250 meters, and it only costs around $2.30 HKD per person to any destination along the trams path. It’s also a very environmental friendly way of getting around which is always an added bonus.

Tram, Hong Kong Island

6. Walk along Victoria Harbour: Enjoy Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour by foot. We’d suggest starting at Tamar Park and spending about an hour walking along the northern shoreline of Hong Kong Island (if it’s not too hot out!).

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

7. Eat at a Michelin-starred dumpling restaurant: Din Tai Fung is a Michelin-starred restaurant and is home to the famous and equally delicious soup dumplings (pictured below). Be sure to learn the correct way to eat these soup-filled dumpling or you might be leaving with a burnt tongue… but don’t let that stop you from stuffing your face!

Din Tai Fung, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Soup Dumplings!


While staying on Hong Kong Island we wanted to make sure we were staying in a comfortable hotel that was centrally located in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and that is exactly what we got at OZO Wesley Hong Kong.

OZO Wesley Hotel, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

The 251 room OZO Wesley is conveniently located on a lively main street, near the tram stop as well as the Admiralty MTR Station, making it very easy to get around the rest of Hong Kong. It’s also a great hotel to visit if you need help planning your itinerary of things to do. They have personal trip planner consoles in the lobby that give you suggested itineraries depending on your schedule and length of stay. Thanks OZO Wesley for making it easy to explore Hong Kong Island!

OZO Wesley, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

The hotel itself has everything you need for a relaxing stay in a busy city. When you’re new to a buzzing metropolis, like Hong Kong, being right in the middle of things makes exploring the city that much more accessible. We were able to walk out the lobby doors and be in the heart of Hong Kong with shops, great restaurants, and tourist attractions all within walking distance. That is what we call a win-win ladies and gentlemen! The view from our room also allowed us to get an inside view of Hong Kong and feel like we were right in the middle of things, but without all the noise.

OZO Wesley, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

OZO Wesley, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Thank you OZO Wesley Hong Kong for hosting us during our stay on Hong Kong Island!

Hong Kong Island has a lot going on from the people running to work in the CBD or packed bars in SoHo. We had two days on Hong Kong Island,  but could heave easily spent a week exploring this incredible city.

As always, our opinions are our own as we Talk Travel.



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  • Next time you should try more cantonese cuisine – there is plenty to choose from, everything from Roast Goose to beef noodle soup, snake and more. Din Tai Fung is Taiwanese and can be found all over the world!

    • Thanks for the tip! We definitely need to throw a little more cantonese cuisine on our plate! Next time we are in Hong Kong we will be sure to reach out to you!