From our experience, travel really is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. However, it does take time and money to start traveling, which is something not everyone has, especially during the busy holiday season. With that in mind, we wanted to put together a more affordable (compared to most trips) gift guide  with items that will leave little reminders to start embracing the wanderlust spirit. It can be as simple as an inspirational wall hanging, something you wear everyday or even items to decorate your home.

So with the holidays around the corner, we thought these gifts would be a great way for you to spread the love of travel with a friend or family member or even to add to your own holiday wish list.

1. Airportag: This company covers it all, from funky throw pillows and tote bags to cheeky t-shirts for both men and women. They have taken simple airport codes, or in the travel industry IATA codes, to the next level. Their products include all the major airports, and if you’re looking to get extra creative you can create your own boarding pass pillow, which can be personalized with someones name and travel details. My personal favorite is the “Jet lag made me do it” t-shirt!


Photo Credit: Airportag

2.  Jet Set Candy: I’ve been in love with Jet Set Candy for about a year now as they have beautiful travel inspired jewelry. Fair warning, their products are on the expensive side as all their jewelry is either sterling silver, 14k vermeil, or solid gold, but they certainly capture the adventurous spirit. Their products include wander-rings, travel quote cuff bracelets and luggage tag necklaces. You can also shop by destination, which includes Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa.

Jet Set Candy

Photo Credit: Jet Set Candy

3. Try the World: Before we left for our round-the-world trip, I actually purchased a three country gourmet food subscription box for my mom so she could travel the world in her own way! They ship a box of tasty treats that is specific to a certain country every two months. To make the most of each box, Try the World includes a Culture Guide that shares the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture. Although you can’t choose the countries, someone can get a taste of Spain, France, Japan, Argentina and more!

Try the World

Photo Credit: Try the World

3. Fun Passport Cover or  Scratch Travel Journal/Map: I actually received both of these as gifts before we left to travel the world. I thought they were the perfect gifts, which is why I wanted to included them on this gift guide. If you need some help finding these items, ModCloth has some great choices.


Photo Credit: ModCloth

5. Meshu: Know someone that has already been on an amazing adventure or are you about to start your own trip? Well the company Meshu takes your favorite places from around the world and turns those locations into an abstract representation which is used to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings or a custom pinpoint map.  If that sounds a little complicated, just think of it as the old -school version of taking string and a thumbtack to a map. With Meshu, the lines that are created can be transformed into a one-of-kind piece of jewelry unique to a specific trip.


Photo Credit: Meshu

 And there you have it our 5 gifts to inspire wanderlust! Happy holidays and safe travels!

As always, our opinions are our own as we Talk Travel. 

Please note:This post includes some affiliate links.