Shama Heda Serviced Apartments

During our visit to Hangzhou, we wanted to get away from the crowds and get a feel for the beautiful area that surrounds West Lake.  Shama Heda Serviced Apartments allowed us to do both during our stay to this incredible area of China. Located about 40 minutes outside of downtown Hangzhou, Shame Heda is an apartment style hotel… Read More

Shanghai is a city that has a lot going on, whether is be from the incredibly busy streets, sparkling skyline or the millions of people that make their way to explore this part of China. It’s home to estimated 24 million people, and was our first stop on our mainland China Tour. We had three days to explore this… Read More

Hong Kong Island

After spending two days exploring the Kowloon Peninsula we hopped in a cab and headed across the river to start exploring Hong Kong Island. Although both are part of Hong Kong, they each have their own personalities and attractions. Here is a list of what we did on Hong Kong Island! Top Attractions: Our Must… Read More

When we were originally planning our round the world trip Hong Kong and China were not places we were expecting to be visiting, but several weeks ago we started thinking that this might be an area of the world we won’t have a chance to visit again for some time. After all, we were only a… Read More