Germany has been a country we’ve wanted to visit for a long time, and we knew if we ever made it there Berlin would be on the top of our list of cities to see. The capital of Germany is filled with history, and it’s all of that history, both good and bad, that has transformed… Read More


In true European fashion, while we were living in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks we decided to take a weekend trip to Brussels. One of our favorite things about Europe is how easy it is to go see another country, but that’s another conversation all together. We had heard mixed reviews about the Belgian capital,… Read More

Bridges Restaurant Amsterdam

As you may have noticed while reading some of our previous blog posts, we love food… so much that we had to bold it! Tasting, smelling, and seeing different types of food, has become one one of our favorite things about traveling around the world. So when we arrived in Amsterdam we knew we had to make… Read More

Villa Crespi

For the final stop on our mini-tour of Italy we visited the picturesque lake town of San Giulio residing on the edge of Lake Orta. Located in the Northwest of Italy, and about an hour outside of Milan, it made for the perfect place to end our Italian adventure. Lake Orta is one of Italy’s lesser known lakes located in the Peidmont region. It’s… Read More

When people visit Italy, they can be sure of one thing… around every corner there will be incredible food. Food that is most likely prepared with the freshest ingredients, recipes passed down by generations, and a love and care that goes into creating culinary masterpieces. In Italy even the simplest of dishes can be out of… Read More